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Q. What does the "wx" mean?

A. It is shorthand morse code for weather. It is used widely in America to textually indicate a weather report.

Q. why is there a Marlin in the logo bar?

A. The Graphic Designer describes it as an "aspirational fish". Something that all anglers would aspire to.

Q. What is the "Closest Tidal Port"?

A. It is the port, geographically the closest to your chosen location, that has a tidal gauge, which records the tide heights. From this, future tide heights can be predicted when similar astroligical events occur. High and low tide times will differ by a few minutes at your chosen location. They are not generally exact for the actual tidal gauge location anyway, due to the erratic nature of the moon's orbit.

Q. The Tidal Graph appears inaccurate sometimes?

A. The Tidal Graph is worked out from the first high tide, then using the "average" lunar day, the rest of the tides are calculated. Unfortunately the lunar day can vary by quite a bit from the "average".

This graph might change in the future, due to some complications with the double tides around Bournemouth, but it probably still won't be very accurate as it needs to draw the diagrams very quickly. At best it is a useful visual representation of what is happening between the tides and the twilight.